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7 Things You'll Love at the July Sale

Now that the fireworks have come and gone, it's time to avoid work for another day and get down to business (with your shopping).

We're excited to kick off the July Sale this morning, and we're more excited that it lasts for 9 more days.

Here are 7 things we know you'll love, especially since you will be able to love them for 20% off:

1. Welcome!

Everyone will feel your Scandinavian hospitality as soon as they see this Swedish greeting on their way in (don't worry, Norwegians, we have some for you too).

2. Moby

You'll really want to ~sea~ this fun table collection from Dansk. Everything from the serving spoons to the dishes and bowls is designed around the soul of the ocean.

3. Saami Bracelets

Let's face it. It's time to add to your collection.

4. All Things Viking

Your roots are calling.

5. DIY Snaps

3 flavors, just add vodka (don't worry. The Dala horse highball glasses are also on sale).

6. Happy Hour

The Dansk cheeseboard, knife, cups, and coasters (as well as the Ekelund runners!): all 20% off.

7. Magda

Nils Olsson brings class to a whole new level with these beautiful, green Dalahäster, affectionately named "Magda".

The July Sale runs from July 5th - July 15th! The entire shop is 20% off, except for Orrefors, Kosta Boda, KUBB, and red tagged items.

Ready. Set. SHOP!

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