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4 Clever Gifts to Give a Couple for Their Wedding

Updated: May 19, 2021

You could follow a couple’s registry, but where’s the fun in that?

If you decide to go rogue, you have to make sure they’ll appreciate that you put some serious thought into what you got them and that they’ll actually use it. It should be something practical but also something touching. It should say, “We knew you two would absolutely love this.”

Sounds like a tall order, no?

The good news is that we’re here to help. We came up with these ideas after talking with some recently married couples along with some of our customers who were hunting for special wedding gifts.

1. Send them a table runner each season for a year.

First, one couple we talked to said that they wished they had registered for some table linens. Second, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Each time they receive one, they’ll relive some of the elation they felt on their wedding day. They’ll also remember how much you mean to them.

2. Give them a picnic basket with the essentials.

Fifty percent of Americans want to receive experience gifts. While some couples request that you give a gift they can put towards their honeymoon, what if you give them the tools they can use for an experience several times over? Some items you might include:

· A picnic tote or carrier

· Compostable napkins and utensils

· Drink tumblers

· Candy or cookies for dessert

· To-go containers (bonus: they can use these many times each week)

3. Make their post-wedding entertaining a breeze with an entertainment kit.

Wedding week goes by quickly, as does entertaining all of their friends and family who want to keep celebrating (or those who couldn’t make it to the big day). Providing them with a kit they can break out when company comes calling may be one of the best gifts they recieve. Here are some things you could include:

· A cheeseboard and knife

· A bottle of wine

· Compostable napkins

· A serving tray

· Wine or bar glasses

4. Help them celebrate their first anniversary with a special wine basket.

Give them a nice bottle or two of wine with a card that says to drink it while celebrating their first anniversary. Maybe even include a special pair of wine glasses or a gift card to an upscale restaurant, too.

Gift-giving can be difficult. You can make it count by putting in thought ahead of time, even if you want to go off book.


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