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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date at Home

Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday this year, which means many couples will be planning a night out or even making an entire weekend of it. Even if you’re inclined to wing these kinds of things, it might already be too late to make a reservation.

More importantly, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day may just be right at home. You have the opportunity to create the atmosphere you want while being able to share the moment without outside distractions.

To help make that happen, here are some tips:

1. Pick a theme for the date.

Okay, no, not the Bachelor, Star Wars or Game of Thrones kind of theme. Would you and your partner most enjoy a romantic date, a game-night, or a movie-night kind of date? Whatever you decide should be a motif throughout the whole affair. Make it something that speaks to both of you and your relationship. Create a Spotify playlist to have on in the background, too.

2. If you can take the day off, start with breakfast in bed.

Maybe make it surprise? Either way, prepare as much as possible the night before so you get to sleep in a little bit, too. Here are some menu ideas, including some Scandinavian favorites:

  • Pancakes with the appropriate filling (chocolate chips or blueberries)

  • Swedish pancakes with whipped cream and homemade lingonberry or raspberry sauce

  • Waffles (Swedish, Belgian or toaster)

  • Cinnamon rolls

  • Parfaits

  • Ebelskiver (Spherical Danish pancakes). You can even fill them with jam, peanut butter or chocolate chips.

Also, don't forget the coffee.

3. Instead of going somewhere fancy, make a meal together from a cookbook.

This may take some planning but consider designing your perfect Valentine’s Day dinner with recipes from a cookbook. Pour some wine to enjoy while you spend time making your meal together. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want, at least you’ll get a good laugh and an excuse for another glass of wine.

4. Light some candles and grab a blanket.

End your date the hygge way. In soft lighting, cozy up with your partner and your favorite book, show or album (bonus points if it’s on vinyl). Make a warm cocktail or some cider and enjoy a peaceful, calm moment together.

5. Hide a surprise gift they’ll find later.

This one will take a little effort in addition to some forethought. Ask yourself:

  • What is something your partner does every day where they’ll be likely to find it?

  • At what point in the day do you want them to find it?

  • What is something low-profile you can hide, but speaks volumes about how much you love being with them?

Yes, going out for an extravagant evening can be touching and memorable. Sometimes, though, all you need is the right space and time to celebrate your relationship. That place might be right at home.


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