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3 DIYs with Scandi Ribbon to Do This Fall

With fall in full force (and apparently winter on its way early?), the scents of pumpkin and sweater weather mean it’s time to cozy up inside with some DIYs. We’ve put together some of our favorites with Scandinavian ribbon.

Ready. Set. Do it yourself!

1. Gift Wrapping

We all know Julie Andrews meant to say “brown paper packages tied up with Scandinavian ribbon,” but strings does rhyme better with things.

What you’ll need:

- About 3 yards of ribbon, depending on the size of the box and how big of a bow you want to tie (the box in the photo is a standard retail shirt box).


1. Wrap box

2. Tie ribbon. Easy!

2. Key Ring Holders

Show off your Scandinavian heritage with a classy ring holder for your car (or dorm) keys.

What you’ll need:

- 14 ½” of your favorite Scandinavian ribbon

- Sewing machine with the appropriate color thread

- 1 Pewter button (check out these from Amazon Prime)

- 3/4" black elastic


1. Fold in about 1/4” of each end of the ribbon and, with your sewing machine, stitch it closed. This will give you clean ends to work with and will prevent fraying.

2. Fold the ribbon in half, with the insides of the ribbon facing each other. Pin the ends together.

3.With your sewing machine stitch the ribbon together, one row along each side about 1/16th” away from the edges, where the ribbon color changes.

4. Lay the newly stitched ribbon out. On each end, use your sewing machine to stitch across each end, about 1/4” inch from each end. YAY! The hardest part is over.

5. Sew on the pewter button about 1/4” inch from one of the ends with a needle and thread.

6. On the opposite end and underside of the ribbon, hand stitch each end of the elastic to the ribbon. Loop the elastic around the button!

3. Aprons

Holiday baking is nigh—get ready to do yours in true Scandinavian style!

What you’ll need:

- Plain apron (check out these reasonably priced ones from Amazon Prime).

- 2-3 Yards of your chosen ribbon, depending on the size of the apron.

- Sewing machine with appropriate color thread

- Pewter clasps (optional).


1. Use your sewing machine to stitch the ends of the ribbon over about 1/4” inch to prevent fraying.

2. Lay out the ribbon along the apron as pictured above. To make the angles pictures folder the ribbon over and pin in place to keep the correct side of the ribbon facing up.

3. Pin the rest of the ribbon to the apron.

4. Carefully use your sewing machine to stitch the ribbon to the apron with one row of stitches along each side of the ribbon, about 1/16" away from the edge.

5. Hand stitch the pewter clasps, split from center along the apron (optional).

Happy DIYing!

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