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15 Gifts for Every Person (or Pet) in Your Life

PSA: If you have procrastinated on getting gifts or have hit dead ends with good gift ideas, this message is probably for you.

It's okay! You still have 12 days to get all of your gifts, wrap them and put them under the tree.

Here are 15 gift ideas for him, her, the student, and the pet. You will be golden.

For Her


These stunning statement jewelry pieces come from Swedish Sägen collection and feature porcelain and silver.

Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is always a hit. From the trendy, yet classic sweaters to the warm hats and shawls, Dale of Norway is sure to make her light up as soon as she sees the box.

Bengt and Lotta Socks (trust us)

Forget everything you've heard about socks not being a gift (at least when it comes to Bengt and Lotta). With these warm, wool knee-highs, the lucky recipient will be wearing them all day, every day.

For Him

Martiini Hunting and Fishing Knives

These hunting and fishing knives are handmade in Finland. They are perfect for someone who loves the outdoors and can't wait to get out and actually put their gift to good use.

Orrefors Loves Beer

Okay. This one might really be a gift for the whole family. Orrefors takes enjoying their favorite brew to a new level of class and simplicity. They're awesome for someone who wants to show off while they entertain.

DIY Aquavit (Snaps)

Who doesn't love to DIY, especially when it comes to libations? They can make their own Aquavit and you'll get to sip and enjoy the final product too!

For the Student

Fjällräven Kånken

Fjällräven's backpacks are all the rage. They're simple yet practical and stately. They also come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and styles.

Star Lights

Star lights brighten every room, whether it's a dorm room, bedroom, or a family room! They are light enough to be safely hung from a CommandTM hook on the ceiling and pack up nice and thin.

Saami Bracelets

Julevu Saami bracelets are great gifts to mark special occasions. We know a Gustie who bought the gold and black Inga bracelet (top) to wear on his graduation day from Gustavus and others who bought some for their family to wear on their wedding day. They are handmade in Sweden with reindeer leather, silver and pewter.

For the younger ones


Teddykompaniet is a cute friend for your little one. These soft plushes come in different sizes, characters, and make you feel at home.


Brio is the classic train toy that you always wished that you had. They are durable, fun, and will be in your young one's heart for a long time.


Geggamoija combines Swedish design, comfort, and efficiency to create stylish and easy to dress outfits for infants and toddlers. Family pictures, here we come.

For the furry friends

Collars from Stellar Handcrafted Goods

These cute collars are ~purrfect~ for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies alike. They are handmade in Minnesota and while they won't prevent your fur-baby from getting into mischief, they will at least let them do it in style.

Antler Chewing Sticks

Wuff Da Bowl

Simply put, your dog is probably being raised like a midwesterner too. Porcelain bowls are also supposed to be better for dogs' health because they are more durable and don't contain any chemicals or residues that are found in plastics used to make dog bowls.

So there you go! Happy holiday shopping.

We believe in you.

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