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6 Mother's Day Gifts That Speak Louder Than Words

Not that you need a reminder, but Mother's Day is on Sunday! The good news is that you still have six days to get gifts for the moms in your life that show how much they mean to you and how much you care. Here are six Mother's Day gift ideas that will leave them smiling for weeks to come.

1. Troentorp Swedish Clogs

Swedish clogs from Troentorp Clogs

If you want to surprise the mother in your life with clogs, it might take a little undercover work but it’s worth it. Clogs are a hot ticket this spring, and Troentorp makes them best. The key to the fit is making sure the arch in the clog lines up just right with the arch of the foot. If the fit isn’t right the first time, you can always exchange it for a better size.

2. Fjällräven Totepack

Totepack bag from Fjällräven

The Totepack is as close to the world’s most versatile bag as it can get, and it comes in so many colors. Its leather handles make it into a handbag while its shoulder straps make it into an arm bag and can then be adjusted to turn it into a backpack. Fjallraven’s G-1000 waxed fabric also protects its contents from water while the dual layers of fabric on the bottom lend it stronger durability. Long story short, this bag is everything she needs it to be.

3. Saami Bracelets

Saami bracelets from Julevu

Saami bracelets are a touching gift that she can carry with her every single day. The colorful reindeer leather with silver and pewter braids go with just about everything. She’ll look at it whenever she’s wearing it and remember how special those are who gifted it to her.

4. Linens from Ekelund Weavers

Linens from Ekelund Weavers

These stunning table linens will make her smile whenever she walks into the room. They'll remind her of the memories she's shared around the table with those she loves. Ekelund linens come in multiple sizes and countless designs. We can help you find the right fit.

5. Take her on a picnic

Hinza tote bag, Lina Johansson blanket, Gotland sheep wool pillow.

Now that spring has (finally!) sprung, maybe you celebrate by giving her a picnic? Use a Hinza tote to pack her favorites and then spread out a Lina Johansson blanket in the sun. The whole family will enjoy it.

6. Or take her on an adventure

Scandinavian Explorer Combi Jacket in navy blue

Moms are among the busiest people on the planet. Set aside a good chunk of time in advance, pack a Fjällraven Kånken with some snacks and a bottle of water, and then bring her a Scandinavian Explorer Combi Jacket (in either navy, white, or black) before the two of you hit the trail for an afternoon together. If Mother's Day is about celebrating moms and all of the wonderful things they do, they definitely deserve a break from doing them.

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