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4 Gifts Married Couples Wish They Would Have Had on Their Registries

Updated: May 19, 2021

About 19% of all engagements in the U.S. happen during December, which means many couples will begin planning their weddings in the coming months.

A significant part of that planning involves registering for wedding gifts, a fun yet sometimes stressful undertaking. So, to spur some ideas for newly engaged couples, we asked a few recently married couples what they wish they would have included on their registries.

Here’s what they said:

1. Table linens

In hindsight, Allison and Michael from Minneapolis said they would have loved some table linens. “Whenever we’re out shopping, we always see linens that we love. Sometimes we’ll cave and get one but most often we don’t. It would have been so great to decorate our new home with a gift that reminded us of our friends.”

2. Quality scrub brushes

No one really likes doing the dishes. There. Someone had to say it. Jamie and Sam from Mankato said, though, that “having something that would make it go quicker and smell less would be, at least, a little easier. Especially after having a bunch of friends and family over.”

Bonus: Less time cleaning dishes, or deciding whose turn it is do them, means more time celebrating your new life together.

3. Rugs

For those of us who spend our time in Minnesota, the winter and spring months often bring with them salt, sand and mud. A few months before they got married, Riley and Taylor from St. Paul moved into their new home. One thing they noted was that, “We didn’t realize how our floors could become so filthy during the winter and early spring. When we got married in December, we should have registered for some nicer rugs that would have helped keep them cleaner.”

4. Unique cookware

When they first move in together, many couples already have most of the essentials. If not, they’ll register for new sets of what they need. But what about the things that don’t come in a set? Michelle and Luke from Belle Plain found themselves in need of a few random pieces: “Stove to table cookware, salad dressing shakers, a cheeseboard are all things we thought about in hindsight.”

What’s something everyone told us about their experiences registering for gifts? That it was incredibly fun, once they figured out everything they needed.

If you’re interested in registering with us, let us know! We’d be happy to get you set up.

Happy wedding!


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